What is eTA Australia and Why Should You Opt for It?

An eTA or Electronic Travel Authority happens to be an authorization for entering Australian territory and is linked to your passport electronically. It is intended for short-term stays for business activities or for tourism in the country. An eTA is cent percent electronic and will enable you to come to Australia without applying for a conventional paper visa via a departmental office. Any business visitor activity in Australia does not include work.

eTA Australia – Online application form

eVisa Australia - Online Application form
eVisa Australia – Online Application form

Who requires eTA Australia?

If you want to come to Australia as a business visitor or tourist for less than 3 months and also hold a valid passport from any of the eligible nations you will require an approved eTA prior to traveling. In order to apply online for an eTA it is important to have a passport from any of the following countries:

Ireland, Spain, Luxembourg, Finland, the UK, Sweden, France, Malta, Switzerland, Germany, Monaco, Greece, Andorra, Norway, Austria, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Belgium,, Portugal, Iceland, Vatican city, Italy, San Marino, Japan, Canada, Denmark, Singapore, Brunei, South Korea, and Liechtenstein.

eVisa Australia
eVisa Australia

eTA Australia – Online application form

How to get an eTA Australia?

It is important for you to be outside of Australia while applying for an eTA online and you must intend to travel for business purposes or as a tourist. It is important to have a legitimate passport as well as an email address so as to complete the application online. The info provided by you must be in the same order as they appear on the passport. You ought to apply for the eTA with all the passport particulars that you will be traveling with. Your eTA will be linked electronically to your passport particulars.

The application form is quite simple and consists of 3 easy steps:

In the 1st step, you will need to provide your general information. You also must select the processing time from the above-mentioned options. The subsequent step will ask you to revise the 1st step and pay the cash. You must use either a PayPal account or a credit card or debit card to make the payment. The final step comprises a set of questions. You might require other documents also; however, that will depend on the specific situation.

If you are traveling sans an eTA or one which is invalid, you might be refused to enter Australia or you might experience some unwanted delays at the airport.

eTA Australia
eTA Australia

eTA Australia – Online application form

Validity of eTA Australia

The validity of the eTA visa will be for 12 months; however, in case the applicant’s passport’s validity is less than one year, the passport’s expiry date is going to be considered.

How long can you stay in Australia?

Under the eTA visa, it will be possible to stay in Australia for a maximum period of 90 days on every single visit. However, one can enter and leave the country as many times he or she likes while the visa is still valid.

What’s the entry type?


When you have to apply for eTA Australia?

It is imperative to apply for the eTA visa at least 2 weeks prior to your date of departure.

Is it required to print the visa?

No, it is not important to print the confirmation email of the eTA. The passport number and the eTA number will be linked automatically, and therefore there is no need for any hardcopy. Nevertheless, you are recommended to note down the eTA reference number along with you for any unforeseen circumstances.

How long your passport has to be valid?

Your passport needs to be valid for the entire duration of your stay in Australia.

Is it possible to arrange an eTA Australia on arrival?

It will be a sensible idea to apply for the eTA Australia beforehand. On some occasions, individuals might not be allowed to enter the country and they have to come in touch with an Australian Embassy. Those who are waiting to apply for the visa until the last minute might be denied boarding by the airport authorities.

Benefits of using eTA Australia

The eTA Australian tourist visa will provide a simple way to visit the country for the short-term only. The eTA benefits the foreign tourists who are traveling to Australia by enabling them a quick process which does not include any paper application whatsoever. Moreover, no stamps will be required on the passport too.

eTA Australia – Online application form

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